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Fantastic idea

My husband was reading out loud to me about Natalia project yesterday. It is a project which tries to protect the people who work for civil rights in various countries vulnerable. They include a GPS bracelet, that were developed, and allows organizations and relatives constantly lamas by just tugging on the bracelet. What unimaginably clever invention. I wonder who came up with that? No wonder they were assigned an award last year.
I'll try to read more about them on the net. I think the idea is fantastic. I really do. 

extreme winter

It is really a rainy day. And on top of that I saw a header in a newspaper telling that this winter will be very extreme. They think to be able to forecast the weather for this winter and there will be a lot of snow and extreme cold. This reminds me that I have to order wood for the fireplace. Last winter at the end of it; it was almost impossible to get wood. Luckily we had enough but I hear t a lot of people complaining about it. The first thing I did, a few minutes ago, was ...

Almost ten weeks off.

I have already done a lot this morning. I went to the grocery and I bought almost all my groceries for the next week. That was really a lot because we are getting visitors again and I also have to arrange a BBQ. The car was fully loaded and I had to carry a lot. This is not easy with my painful joints. But I do it on an easy way and I do take some rest in between. Now I am busy getting rid of all the groceries in the fridge and in the kitchen. After I am ready ...